Graham’s Seeds Research Farm – Ryelands

With so many new seed varieties released into the market in recent years, we realised a need to be trialling them ourselves under genuine “real farm” conditions. A property was purchased on Little Moe River Rd, Darnum and the spring of 2014 saw the beginning of ‘Ryelands’, the Graham’s Seeds Research Farm – an operational dairy farm where the Graham’s Seeds team of qualified agronomists can monitor and advise on all aspects of the running of the farm. Various new seed varieties have already been sown and are continuously being monitored and evaluated. Ryelands has already shown itself to be a great resource of information not only to the Graham’s Seeds team but also to our clients and several local agricultural and community groups.

We are committed to long term investment in agricultural research with the ultimate aim of increasing the productivity and profitability of forage based agricultural systems. Ryelands is the perfect environment for this research and development to take place under genuine farming conditions.