Research Farm Milk Stats 14/2/2017

Below are the milk stats from our Research Farm in Ryelands.

Cow numbers
Stocking rate (cows/ha)
Fat %
Protein %
Kg milk solids/cow/day
Diet (kg DM/cow/day)
Grain mix (barley, wheat, canola meal and minerals)
Italian ryegrass silage
Day paddock: limited pasture
Night Paddock: limited pasture

What’s happening on the farm: There has been a drop of 2.3L/cow/day of milk since the cows have come off the chicory. Chicory rotation will be increased next round and chicory will be watered with effluent in the meantime. Perennial pastures have mostly dried off except for those in low-lying water holding areas.

We are currently planning our trial areas for this year and are anticipating to sow on the 15th of March. There has been a substantial weed germination following the rain and is likely to increase with more forecast moisture. Our knock out spray will need to be well timed to remove the majority of the weeds and may even require a double knock if we see a subsequent germination. African Black Beetle activity is increasing throughout the area. Damage has never been an issue on “Ryelands” but we are regularly monitoring for any activity.

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