Research Farm Milk Stats – 01/07/2017

Update No 10

Research Farm Milk Stats 01/07/2017

Cow numbers109
Stocking rate (cows/ha)1.40
Fat %4.6
Protein %3.5
Kg milk solids/cow/day2.04
Diet (kg DM/cow/day) 
Reid’s custom dairy mix7
Day paddock: : Perennial Ryegrass7
Night Paddock: Perennial ryegrass7

What’s happening on the farm: Our new grass has come into our rotation and we have now dropped out the silage and hay allocations for the milkers. We have started grazing the perennial varieties on the flats. Prior to grazing, seed was broadcast in the areas damaged by lucerne flea earlier in the season. We are following the cows with urea at 80kg/ha across these paddocks. Dry cows are being strip grazed on the out block at Nar Nar Goon and are being transition fed with 5kg hay/head/day. Calving is due to start in the coming weeks. We are currently joining the autumn milkers with the bulls. Joining will occur for 10 weeks.

24 cows have been dried off for July/August calving. Another 30 cows are due to be dried off by middle of June. This will reduce the pressure on our feed wedge.

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