Ideally incorporated as part of a pasture renovation program, a summer crop can provide a valuable source of high quality feed over the summer months. This provides an additional opportunity to control weeds, improve soil fertility and prepare a seedbed prior to sowing permanent pasture.

Summer crop options include:

  • Brassicas; forage rape and leafy turnips produce large volumes of quality feed and recover quickly from grazing. There are a number of varieties available to match feed requirements, soil fertility and moisture availability.
  • Chicory is a perennial forage herb characterised by high nutritional quality. It has the potential to yield 10 t DM/ha over multiple grazing’s.
  • Millet a fast growing summer grass that produces high volumes of feed over multiple grazing’s. It is suitable for hay or silage production.
  • Sorghum produces a massive volume of feed that is also suitable for hay or silage.
  • Turnips can yield up to 11 t DM/ha as a single graze crop, they are a highly cost-effective feed option.
  • Lucerne is a perennial forage legume with high protein content that can be grazed or cut for fodder.
  • Maize; Graham’s Seeds agronomists can put together a detailed management program to get the most out of this specialist crop.

Graham’s Seeds summer crop blends:


Contains millet, rape and pasja. This blend provides an ideal balance of energy, protein and fibre suitable for a lactating dairy herd or finishing beef and lambs.


Contains perennial chicory and high performing red clovers. This blend is unmatched for feed quality, with low insect pressure and improved animal performance.