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Research Farm Milk Stats – 15/09/2017

Update No 15   What’s happening on the farm: It has come in very wet, having over 100mm of rain so far, this month. This has stopped our urea applications as we cannot get on the paddocks. Cows have been moved off the flats onto the higher country for grazing. This will prevent damage to our […]


Research Farm Milk Stats – 01/09/2017

Update No 14   What’s happening on the farm: We are starting to speed up the rotation now that we have a good feed wedge in front of us. Chicory will be ready to graze in the next fortnight. Calving is progressing well with very few cases of milk fever. Springers are in the shed being […]


Research Farm Milk Stats – 15/08/2017

Update No 13   What’s happening on the farm: A good feed wedge is now starting to build in front of us. Our urea applications of 100kg/ha behind the cows are contributing to first the feed grown. The cows are calving well with only two minor cases of milk fever and no cases of mastitis. This […]