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Frank Templeton

Managing Director

Graham’s Seeds is a family company solely owned and managed by Frank and Marianne Templeton. Frank has spent his whole life working in agriculture. He grew up on a mixed farming enterprise at Pakenham & Rosedale, worked as a stock agent and then ran his own dairy farm for 20 years. Purchasing the Graham’s Seeds business in 2005 was a perfect way for Frank to expand his passion for agriculture and his natural ability to relate to people. Frank is a very “hands on” leader of the Graham’s Seeds team and can be credited with building it into the successful business it is today. His wealth of agricultural knowledge & his ability to relate to people are his greatest strengths.

Marianne Templeton


Marianne has worked alongside Frank for the past 30 years and is an integral part of the Graham’s Seeds team. She also has worn many hats including dairy farmer, administrator, warehouse worker, seed delivery person to name a few. Her role now is based in administration and she has a strong focus on the welfare of the customers. She works quietly behind the scenes ensuring every customer and staff member are looked after.

Alister Noonan

Operations Manager

Alister has had a long connection with agriculture, spending time with Frank on the farm at Nar Nar Goon as a young child and then working on the dairy farm as a young adult. When Frank & Marianne were looking for someone to join the team and develop the business to a new level, Alister was an obvious fit. His role includes sourcing of product, quality assurance, warehouse supervision and the logistics of getting the seed to the farm-gate. His commitment to the Graham’s Seeds and his attention to detail have added a whole new level of excellence to the business.

Nicole Frost

Nicole grew up on a farm in the NSW southern highlands, running prime lambs and was involved in the family harness racing business. After completing a Bachelor of Agricultural Science at Charles Sturt University Wagga Wagga, she joined the Graham’s Seeds team in January 2015. In her final year of study, Nicole worked with leading pasture researchers and consultants and has a particular interest in pasture management, feed budgeting and the use of science and technology in farmer decision making.

Camilla Hart


In February 2016 Graham’s Seeds welcomed the addition of Camilla Hart to the agronomy team. Growing up on mixed farming properties in the Monaro and Central West NSW, Camilla has been involved in a range of agricultural enterprises. Studying a Bachelor of Agricultural Science at Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga, Camilla developed a passion for agronomy and soil science. Furthering her interest in this field she spent 12 months in Far North Queensland to learn about the relationship between high input crops and soil heath management, as well as branching in to horticulture.