Research Farm Milk Stats – 01/08/2017


Update No 12

Research Farm Milk Stats 01/08/2017

Cow numbers109
Stocking rate (cows/ha)1.40
Fat %4.1
Protein %3.6
Kg milk solids/cow/day2.02
Diet (kg DM/cow/day) 
Reid’s custom dairy mix7
Lucerne hay4
Day paddock: : Perennial Ryegrass5
Night Paddock: Perennial ryegrass5


What’s happening on the farm: We have slowed the rotation slightly to build a feed wedge. We have added 4kg DM/cow/day of lucerne hay to achieve this. We have now grazed all our new pastures for this year. Regular rain throughout the second half of July has provided us with just enough moisture to keep plants growing. The moisture has also helped to increase the efficiency of our urea which is being applied behind the cows at 80-100kg/ha. 14 springers are now in the calving shed at Ryelands. The first calf hit the ground today. We will be calving for the next nine weeks.


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