Research Farm Milk Stats – 13/05/2017

Update No 7

Research Farm Milk Stats 13/05/2017

Cow numbers164
Stocking rate (cows/ha)2.11
Fat %4.6
Protein %3.5
Kg milk solids/cow/day1.68
Diet (kg DM/cow/day) 
Reid’s custom dairy mix7
Italian ryegrass silage6
Lucerne hay6
Day paddock: Limited Pasture2
Night Paddock: Limited Pasture1

What’s happening on the farm: We have dried off another 37 mid-July calving cows. Working hard to create a feed wedge in front of us coming into winter. Our rotation will remain very tight for another three weeks. We have begun our urea rotation again and 80kg/ha has been applied to all the newly sown pastures. We have not witnessed any insect damage yet this season. There is lots of activity on surrounding properties, so we are still monitoring closely.

Another 25 cows are due to be dried off on the 20th. Of the 45 autumn calving cows and heifers, five are still to calve down.

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